our environmental policy

welcome to i villini hunter valley, environmentally friendly accommodation

treading lightly on the environment

Our challenge is to have an effective environmental policy that doesn’t diminish your experience of this gorgeous place. We are proud of the efforts we make to reduce our carbon footprint and hope that these efforts influence your decision to stay. We try to buy only from companies that have in mind environmental interests and the humane treatment of animals. We also believe in romantic candlelit baths, a glass of wine, a massage, filling the house with perfume from the garden, and good company. 

Our accommodation is good value and we believe in giving our guests the best experience possible; any decision made to improve this experience always comes with the environment in mind.

It is said that, within the tourism industry, accommodation has the greatest environmental impact through its use of water (particularly in the laundering of linen), power and packaging.

Tips for a Greener Life

We have attempted to reduce our ‘environmental footprint’ by:

  • converting to 25% GreenPower
  • installing evacuated-tube solar hot water systems
  • we are currently seeking out warm-light LEDs to replace our compact fluorescent (CFL) light bulbs
  • turning off power points after you leave
  • encouraging guests to avoid extreme settings on air-conditioners
  • installing ceiling fans
  • our toiletries are all environmentally friendly
  • we use 'pure wipes' instead of washers
  • trebling our rainwater storage
  • reusing all grey water on the gardens
  • we have planted 700 native trees & plant 50 per year to carbon offset our cars
  • replacing electrical goods with high-energy-efficiency products
  • using cleaning products selected because of their minimal impact on the environment
  • using recycled paper for our stationery; our tissues, our toilet paper and more
  • recycling plastic, paper, glass, cans & our e-waste
  • we do NOT purchase furniture that is made from rain-forest timbers
  • composting
  • limiting our use of packaging
  • our candles are made from soy or natural oils and bought from iKOU or Moontree in Leura.
  • our eggs are free-range as is our bacon, we also buy 'Australian Made' as much as we can
  • we don't spray our garden or olives, we do confess to using round-up on the weeds

how you can help

  • please turn off the air conditioners and lights before leaving for the day
  • when travelling,  please dispose of your cigarette butts carefully, they take 18 months to break down.
  • Please consider not buying bottled water. Plastics are made from oil, gas and coal. 1.3 million tonnes of plastic goes to landfill in Australia each year.

When staying elsewhere:-

  • let the hotel know you don’t need sheets or towels changed
  • use water wisely
  • turn off the air-conditioning and lights when leaving the room
  • recycle
  • ask the hotel if they have an environmental policy
  • patronise accommodation that has “healthy planet” programs and environmental policies